Death By Chocolate Cappuccino

By Melissa Niosi

When I first started working at Saeco USA all the new employees were challenged to create an original coffee recipe. At the time I wasn't a very big coffee drinker and I was just learning about espresso. I decided to think about my favorite flavors in order to come up with a great coffee drink.

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate came to mind.

So I started experimenting and the Death By Chocolate Cappuccino was born. I took my drink to the Saeco USA coffee recipe contest where I won for presentation and overall recipe. Inspired by my win, I'm now a coffee lover and I teach others how to love coffee too.

Death By Chocolate Cappuccino


  • Large coffee mug
  • 1oz Vanilla Syrup
  • 2-2oz Shots of espresso or 4oz of strong coffee
  • 4oz-6oz of Chocolate Milk (Milk may vary depending on size of coffee mug)
  • Chocolate Redi Whip
  • Sprinkles-any color
  • Chocolate pieces


First pour the vanilla syrup into a large coffee mug. Next add your fresh brewed coffee to the vanilla syrup and blend the two ingredients together. Then steam your chocolate milk to 160 degrees F. You can use a beverage or candy thermometer to test the temperature of the milk. Once milk has been steamed add it to you coffee. Finally, top your cappuccino with the whipped cream to your desired amount. Add sprinkles and chocolate for decoration.

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