The Best Coffee in the World

The world’s finest coffee beans come from prime growing regions at high altitudes where Arabica  coffee plants thrive in the cooler temperatures. The sensitive plants must be cared for properly and then the coffee cherry must be harvested  at peak ripeness, then the processing  and roasting  must follow exacting standards, then shipped to you quickly.

Then you must store the coffee properly and brew it properly - then you are ready to enjoy the best coffee beans in the world in the perfect cup of coffee.

It all starts with the coffee beans, and the following are the very best coffee beans in the world, respected for their overall gourmet qualities including body, aroma, acidity, sweetness/bitterness, and aftertaste.

Hawaii Kona Coffee - This is a gourmet coffee grown  in the United States, which is quite rare. The unique Kona Coffee Belt growing region is located on the fertile volcanic slopes on the island of Hawai’i at elevations from about two thousand to three thousand feet above sea level. Kona coffee beans provide a delicate and light cup of coffee, very well-balanced and with a distinct complexity in both its  taste  and aroma. The body  of the coffee is medium and the acidity  is quite bright. Wine tones and spice enhance the experience, as does the aromatic finish. Enjoy the best of Kona coffee at the annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival or anytime you are on the Big Island you can take a Kona Coffee Farm Tour. Other gourmet Hawaiian coffees are now being grown in Puna, Hamakua, Hilo  and Kau.

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