Hawaiian Coffee — Why It’s Called The Best In The World

I'll take a massive coffee cup of java-- to me, does not matter if it has cream or sugar-- it just must be Hawaiian coffee!

Why Hawaiian coffee you ask? Because I admit it-- as well as am proud to claim it-- I'm a coffee snob. Let me be a lot more specific-- a Hawaiian coffee snob. There just is nothing else like it. And when I go back to the Mainland, I always bring a supply with me because friends and family beg for it when I visit.

I have seen bunches of consumers standing in a grocery store alley checking out the multitude of coffee brand names, many with names of "Hawaiian", not knowing which to get to take home. I get it-- absolutely I did the very same thing at first.

And while most think of kona when they think of Hawaiian coffee, there are certainly many other Hawaiian coffees that are just as excellent. The problem is the good stuff is rarely found in the grocery store.

If you want excellent authentic Hawaiian coffee purchase your coffee online from an authentic Hawaiian coffee store. If you "need to get a bag from the store, kindly follow these standards to guarantee you're acquiring the finest Hawaiian coffee possible. (and also you could likewise utilize these guidelines when searching for coffee online also to ensure it absolutely is genuine Hawaiian).

1) Read the bag -- Hawaiian doesn't mean it's 100% Hawaiian! Because of legislation recently passed, coffee firms could make use of the name "Kona" on the bag or in the name even if it has just 10 % genuine Kona beans -- which means it is being combined with 90% of whatever else. This is not at all going to taste like genuine Kona coffee. Do not do it!

2) Ensure you know exactly what kind of roast you're acquiring. That "Hawaiian" coffee you are drinking is more than likely a dark roast, which contains a much deeper flavor (however also consists of much less caffeine). Coffee gardeners say that a medium roast is most ideal for black coffee fanatics, while a dark roast is an outstanding choice for cream/sugar loyalists.

3) Coffee bean farms are expanding on the islands of the state, so you can easily find a local brand name that can be similarly as fantastic as kona. Don't assume that just the Big Island should supply the very best coffee choices. All of the islands have excellent options.

4) It's true with Hawaiian coffee you get what you pay for. Did you know that 75% of the Hawaiian coffee bags on the shelves in your grocery store are less than $10 for a 6-- 8oz bag. That's cheap for Hawaiian coffee-- which is precisely how it will taste. On a coffee plantation, the great stuff will certainly cost you $30-- $40 each 8oz bag. Like great wine, it's going to be that considerably delicious. Spend a little additional to obtain the taste that will make you a believer, and bypass the less expensive bags. You can thank me later on. Yet believe me-- I understand living on a budget. Here are some options therefore you may want to consider:

Chocolate Macadamia Coffee

Chocolate Macadamia Coffee

LION French Roast Kona Coffee

100% Kona French Roast

Royal Hawaiian Medium Roast - Chef Alan Wong's 10% Kau Coffee Blend 7oz

Royal Hawaiian Medium Roast

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