Decaf Coffee – Should You Drink It During Pregnancy

If you're an avid coffee drinker, you're probably wondering why anyone would drink decaf coffee. People usually drink coffee or espresso for the caffeine fix, so drinking decaffeinated coffee isn't going to help, right? Unless you're pregnant. I found out that I was not drinking coffee just for the caffeine fix but that I quite rather liked the taste of different coffee types.

During my pregnancy I was one of those nutcases who had read about everything that could go wrong during a pregnancy and tried to avoid those possible causes. I avoided aspartame only because studies were found to be unsure of the effects it might have on a pregnancy. Therefore, I stayed away from lunch meat only because it had a minute possibility of a wisteria infection.

When I researched that caffeine had the possibility to cause miscarriages, I tried to avoid caffeinated coffee. Now, to reach the parameters that were measured in the studies for miscarriages, a woman would have to drink at least three cups of coffee daily. After reading that, I was scared enough to confine myself to drinking decaffeinated coffee and soda.

When I was halfway through my pregnancy, there was an expose show on T.V about whether the decaffeinated coffee we order in restaurants and coffee shops are really decaffeinated or not. I knew that decaffeinated coffee was not totally void of the decaf substance and it had small traces of caffeine in it. I also knew that I was not taking in amounts that were close to caffeinated coffee. In that T.V show it was revealed that the caffeine levels in decaffeinated coffee were close to the levels of the caffeine in a regular brew. The reason is that the pots and coffee machines were not properly cleaned before the next pot was brewed, or because of cross brewing.  In cases where there are medical conditions this situation could have taken a serious turn for me.

I realized this could truly affect my pregnancy situation. I am such a nutcase that I have completely cut out coffee (whether regular or decaffeinated) from my diet during my pregnancy. For now, it hasn't helped my demeanor, but guess it will get me ready for a newborn on the way.

I do look forward to having a great cup of coffee and enjoying both the taste and the caffeine. For now, it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

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