Coffee Still a No-No for Kids

By Teresa Te

With all the various coffee drinks readily available in the market today, many kids and teens have come to like the drink. In fact, there are brands that have come up with coffee drinks especially meant for children. But are these really healthy and okay for kids to consume?

Health experts think otherwise. While they believe that coffee does not totally affect the growth of children, it still has not-so-good effects on their overall health.

Difficulty Sleeping

Similar to its effect on adults, coffee consumption can also cause insomnia among children aged five to 12. Teens, in particular, who have developed the habit of drinking coffee to boost their energy levels are prone to having difficulty sleeping.

Take note that coffee contains caffeine five times more than that of soda and it can stay in your system for up to a maximum of eight hours. This, according to the medical experts, only contributes to sleep loss which is not good for kids.

A 2010 study published in the Journal of Pediatrics showed that 75 percent of children consumed caffeine every day and those who drank more experienced less sleep.

Development of Cavities

Being an acidic drink, coffee has the potential of weakening the teeth. When this happens, the teeth loses its enamel and cavities are bound to develop. Keep in mind that after the baby teeth fall off, it normally takes years for the new enamel to harden and coffee consumption can adversely affect it.

So if you want your kids to have health teeth, don't let them drink coffee while they're still young.

The Coffee Avocado Shake

Drop in Appetite

When kids are exposed to a stimulant as what coffee is, they tend to lose their appetite. This eventually can adversely affect their overall nutrition.

Parents should focus instead to feeding their growing kids with a balanced meal containing protein, whole grain as well as fruits and vegetables.


Coffee can also have a negative effect on a child's behavior. These include hyperactivity, short attention span and restlessness. This is attributed to the fact that coffee is a stimulant which can boost the energy level and alertness of a child.

This increased energy may benefit adults but not kids who are still going to school. Remember that concentration on their lessons in class is vital in order for children to learn as they should.

So the next time you serve drinks to your kids, make sure you use fruits and make a juice or smoothie.

Source:: Coffee Still a No-No for Kids

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