3 Alternatives To Using a Keurig Coffee Maker

You really do not want a Keurig Coffee Maker. Is making coffee really that hard? I don't think so. If you are considering buying a Keurig Coffee Maker, please read this article. I have faith in you and I think you can handle a coffee brewing method that is both simple and one that will yield a much better tasting cup of coffee.

With the brewing method alternatives described below, you won't be using stale pod coffee. You can seek out whatever coffee you want and grind those beans just before brewing. What you will discover is the quality of your coffee will be much better. A Keurig is probably a fine option for the lobby of a tire store, but for your kitchen? No. You can do much better.

Here are 3 ways to make a single cup of coffee that are better than the Keurig.

#1 Porcelain filter (aka Dripper)

Put ground coffee into a paper filter. Set the filter in the ceramic holder over a mug. Pour hot water and wait. This is very simple and a much smaller footprint than the Keurig. And at less than $20, it is also much cheaper. There are several different shapes and colors available for this style of coffee brewing.

Porcelain Pour Over Coffee Filter (Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada)

#2 The AeroPress

The AeroPress makes a great cup of coffee. Penny for penny it may be the best coffee brewer one can buy. For step by step guidance, read The Upside Down Aeropress Coffee Brewing Tutorial.


AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker (Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada)

#3 The Clever Coffee Dripper

If you would like the rich taste of a French Press, but don't want to deal with the cleanup, a Clever might be for you. Like a French Press, you control the steeping time, but unlike a French Press, it has a filter which makes for easy cleanup. For more information see our Clever Coffee Dripper article.

Clever Coffee Dripper

Clever Coffee Dripper (Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada)


Making coffee isn't rocket science. There is no need to buy an ugly pod machine that promises ease and delivers mediocre coffee. Get one of the three alternate brewing methods listed in this article and take control of your own coffee brewing. You'll save money and your coffee will taste much better.


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