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How to Tamp Espresso

Espresso Myths: Precision Tamping

If you wish to consistently make great espresso, you will need to have an excellent tamp. This visual tutorial will serve as an initial guide to get you started. Excellent form and consistency is your goal. Let's get started. Tamping your espresso shot: Does pressure matter? Take the class: Read more

Celebrity Coffee Commercials

By Sue Zeger

Some of the Best Celebrity Coffee Commercials

Recently, I was feeling a little nostalgic and trying to remember the jingle from the Chock full o’ Nuts coffee commercial from the 1970’s. My...
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How Coffee Can Aid in Weight Loss

Can Coffee Aid in Weight Loss?

By Teresa Te
Coffee may be more famous for being a drink that perks you up whether in the morning, mid-afternoon or in the evening. But medical experts have found more benefits to drinking coffee other than what most people know of. For one thing, coffee...
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